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Trader Talent Tryouts

If you can prove your ability to profitably day trade the futures markets by passing a structured tryout, using real time data in a simulated environment; you will be allocated a live, professional trading account backed by our partners’ capital, where you keep 75% of your net profits.

Choose a Tryout

Compare the requirements of our 3 tryouts and choose the one that best suits your needs then pay the corresponding subscription fee to get started.

Get the Software

Trader Talent Pro is our trading platform for the Tryouts and live trading, with a CQG backbone for reliability and Tradovate’s functionality it offers you the best chance of success.

Prove Your Talent

Trade within your chosen tryout’s rules, monitor your performance using Trader Talent Pro's performance dashboard, protect the downside and hit your net profit target.

Trade Real Money

Complete the compliance formalities to trade live on a backed account with a selected partner under the same rules. Keep 75% of the profit with no downside risk.

Account Options


$ 169 Monthly
  • US$40,000 Buying Power
  • Profit Target US$2,400
  • Max Daily Profit Counted US$800
  • Daily Loss Limit US$-800
  • Weekly Mon-Fri Loss Limit US$-1,200
  • Minimum 14 Days Active Trading


$ 249 Monthly
  • US$80,000 Buying Power
  • Profit Target US$4,800
  • Max Daily Profit Counted US$1,600
  • Daily Loss Limit US$-1,600
  • Weekly Mon-Fri Loss Limit US$-2,400
  • Minimum 14 Days Active Trading


$ 369 Monthly
  • US$120,000 Buying Power
  • Profit Target US$7,200
  • Max Daily Profit Counted US$2,400
  • Daily Loss Limit US$-2,400
  • Weekly Mon-Fri Loss Limit US$-3,600
  • Minimum 14 Days Active Trading

Our Goal

To Take Talented Traders to the Markets

Trader Talent was founded by traders who began their professional trading careers on some of the earliest and most successful electronic prop floors in London.

Almost 2 decades ago a futures prop trading arcade in London took a risk on a few aspiring traders selected from thousands of applicants. The lucky few were provided with six weeks of fundamental and technical analysis training and placed on an in-house simulator. They were instructed to watch every order affecting the futures ladders from 7am to 6pm for 3 months on their assigned products.

Performance criteria needed to be to achieved in order to graduate off the sim and trade live on a backed account. Beginning on 1 lot trades, on a 60:40 net profit split (after desk fees, commissions and software costs), they were given a downside account limit of a few thousand pounds, hit that and they were gone. Through ups and downs some of the intake including Trader Talent’s founders (in the background photo) survived and managed to grow their accounts over the years to be allocated 1000s of futures contracts to clip on any one trade.

Between them they have since established and run their own prop firms in Europe and the Middle East, run and risk managed prop houses in the Far East, trained graduates to ex-investment bankers how to trade the futures markets and advised international trader groups on the most efficient trading structures, technology and alliances.

As technology and connectivity have advanced, it is no longer necessary to pay four figure desk fees on a prop floor but the dedication and discipline required to trade successfully still remains the same.

Trader Talent offers you the chance to prove your abilities, wherever you may be and gain a real opportunity to succeed from those who have overcome the same challenges and still trade today.

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